Friday, 18 July 2014

#PrayForGAZA , #PrayForMH17


Here Im writing this with deepest condolences to the family for those on board in MH17. I bet, this might be the toughest part for the family members as well as for the Malaysian Government :(

Al fatihah..

Gloomy Friday morning, receiving the news and its just to heart breaking bcs we haven't done yet with MH370 and suddenly another one crashed down. And, its happen in the middle of holy month of Ramadhan ya allah this is just too much pain.. :'(  I did cried, bila dapat tahu je terus cecepat bukak twitter sebab any rumours selalunya akan cepat spread kat Twitter. And yep! My timeline penuh dengan RT and tweets about the MH17.  Berita pasal MH17 crashed down ni pun dah cukup sedih tetapi lagi sedih bila baca some tweets yang mention macam macam rumours and speculate things. Ya allah, this is just so heart breaking, masa nilah semua pakar penerbangan tak bertauliah, pakar politicians tak bertauliah, yang pura pura jadi keluarga mangsa bla bla tetiba muncul mengeluarkan segala teori teori hebat mereka sehingga ada unsur tahyul dan iluminati ya allah janganlah macam tu, everything happen for a reason tapi bukan lah tugas kita untuk menentukan what the reason beyond it okay? In sense of humanity please stop doing that, pay some respects towards the family members. This might be the hardest time for them. Whatever it is Allah is all knowing. We pray for the best and hopefully the black box will be handed to the Malaysian Government so that future investigation can be done.

Buckle up Malaysians! 

Buckle up Muslims!

The way she holds on to him... :'(

Now, Gaza is under attack. Thats another painful episodes. We cant afford to help them. We cant afford to lift up a gun or skills to fight in a war (me too cant afford to do it walau pernah angkat M16 masa PLKN sampai sakit bahu and my dad and uncles mostly an army lols) so what is our contribution towards the Palestine? 

So, here Im writing this with heartfelt emotions to give us on some suggestion how to help the Palestine. Despite sending them endless dua'a and supports i think the easiest way to help them is by donating some money. Its easy peasy kacang pis bcs I believe kita semua ada mobile phone kan? You can do this on yr mobile phone! But how?

So here are the steps :)

Taip PALESTIN<space>3/5/10 dan hantarkan ke 39111 . Mudah kan?
After the message successfully sent to the Aman Palestin, we'll receive a message saying that "Terima Kasih kerana menderma untuk Tabung Aman Palestin" :)

Is that making yr day? Alhamdullillah.

The donations will be submitted to the tabung Aman Palestin to help the Palestine and actually there are various ways to donate but this is the easiest one. Sambil baring atas katil, sambil tunggu waktu nak berbuka puasa pun boleh buat :)

If we can afford to subscribe an Internet connection to keep on login to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter 24/7 is that too much to donate less than RM10 for our brothers and sisters yang tengah suffer dekat Palestin sana? Or mungkin kita cakap "aku pakai line wifi kat rumah tak guna kredit aku pun' but for sure we can spend more than RM10 to buy fancy clothes for Hari Raya and maybe coolest stuff and latest gadjets or spend more than RM5 at the Bazar Ramadhan to buy tempting foods! what-so-ever its all up to us. Im just helping here, when it comes to menderma, its all up to us -- ikhlas tu between kita dengan Allah. No one can judge

Buatlah pilihan. Kita boleh fikir dengan rasional kan :)

In this holy month of Ramadhan, where the doors of the Hellfire shut and doors of Jannah widely open so let us do more good deeds (jom!) because you know why?

Because We can see humans, but we cant see Humanity. A commercial plane crashed down and children who play happily at the beach died because of what? Because of the weapons humans made by their hands. Astaghfirullah.

Lets brace ourselves. May Allah bless :')


Ohye, kalau ada sesape yang nak buat donation through bank in sebab nak bagi 'lebih' lagi, here are the list of bank accounts. Semuanya under Tabung Amal Palestin :)

May this benefit all of us! Insha Allah (mohon sebarkan kepada kawan kawan yang lain k ^^,)

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