Friday, 9 May 2014

Keep Calm

Why am I staying up a bit late tonight? Arghhh to be frank it is bcs my final examination result will be out soon. Very soon. I am so nervous and I pray to Allah may the result will be better than the previous semester. No, I am not saying that my first semester result is that bad, no. My exams result is so-so. i passed all the course and as an overall I believe that Allah gave me this based on my effort throughout the semester :) 

I am not a bright student who u guys would expected to pass the exams with flying colours or anything else. I am just an average student. Sometimes I failed the exams and sometimes I passed with good grades. Alhamdullillah.

I knew that this semester would be another episode of drama since the result will be the 'kayu ukur' for me to further studies in degree. Most of all in a course that I really wanted to do.  Its hard when the result is out everyone is kinda asking you

 -- what is ur pointer? -- 
-- 4 flat la tu tahniah?! --
(without any hesitation teruih assume 4 flat padahal tak sempat nak jawap lagi soalan dorg)
-- mesti study medic pasni kan?--

and bla bla bla

I know that they (friends, family, relatives, jiran sebelah ghumah and etc) are trying to be concern to me. But what do you guys expect to hear when not an hour yet the result is out teruih dah tanya soalan soalan yang menambahkan lagi tekanan? I know they mean well. But, please be considerate. Not just to me but to anyone else out there. Please and please I beg :')

Imagine if the person whom u ask got a bad result, what they might feel? Their emotions? Have u think about it? Mixed feelings. I knew it bcs I've been there once, long time ago.

Whatever it is, the result gonna out soon, I am praying the best of luck to all my colleagues and I know there are still a long way to go through all this but have faith, Allah has a better plan for all of us :)

Keep calm and continue praying :)

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