Sunday, 2 March 2014

Palam Stellar NIght ^^,


*buat muka cergas sikit please*

As promised, here the recent update on Asasi Sains/Kejuruteraan 13/14 UiTM Puncak Alam Grand Dinner. It was held on 23rd of February 2014 (Sunday) -- 8pm -1130pm.

Bertempat di Shah Alam Convention Centre (SACC)

Serious talk, malam tu everyone dressed up so cantik so hensem so stunning so vogue the vass aa ohemgi lawa lawa semua. Please kasi number I nak ngorat kikiki :p I still remember Prof Kamil's said ; everyone look so stellar tonight. You act like a star and dress like a superstar ='D

Here are my girls =)

The gentlemen. Looking good in their suit, bravo !

My classmates :)

Not to forget, THE SUZURAN :)
Among so many people, we find time to meet each other. Just a short while but still kitorang tak lupa nak celebrate dengan member zaman sekolah dulu ahaaaa suzuran suzuran why we tend to be so sweet macamni? Nak nangis la cenggini sobsobs

Much love to everyone I met  :)

So, thats all. Sorry cant spend more time to update very zhe panjang lebar, I got lotsa things to be done. Hihi anyhow I would like to extend a deepest gratitude to SMA (Sekretariat Mahasiswa Asasi) for such a meaningful night wiwiwi I knew how does it feel nak buat event besar camni sambil tu nak puaskan hati semua orang haha 

By the time, guess what? I got another four weeks left before I finish with my foundation year. Sekejap je kan? Hmm I bet -- aku mesti rindu gila kat diorang semua ni :/ 


Okay, havva nice day ahead everyone, thanks for reading my entry =)

XOXO to the bits

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