Friday, 22 March 2013

quick quick

*waaaaa, lama dah tak update belog!
bila nak update ni?
banyak cerita nak kongsi but then ke-busy-an telah membelenggu hidupku. Hahaha

well, will continue to update some more story after this.. Iallah. Doa la panjang umur =)

*Alhamdullillah, i've just received SPM result yesterday. And.. tak straight A's pun. Tapi kann, I shall be thankful to Allah because He listen to my du'a. He gave me what I need not what i want =') Allah is the best planner ever and im so happy to received this. He gave me the best, i knew that. Al\hamdullillah.. all the sleepless night are paid off, all those nangess nangess pun berbaloi-baloi. Hehe =p

till we meet again in my next entry, bye peeps =D

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