Tuesday, 23 October 2012

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Assalamualaikum and hye uoulss :)

heeee, still stealing a lil time nak update blog. I just cant help myself kalau tak update blog. :p
OOOkayyy, back to normal. a long this week i got lotsa things to be done. hmmm, frankly speaking it was the very final touch before i seat for SPM. yet to be truth and honest, i was extremely anxious, nervous and afraid ! hahaaa :<  

just now, i went google sana google sini to find out any information about spm (okay, bkan cari soalan bocor ye, time trial boleh la nak spot soalan, spm of course la tak) hmmm, i think lotsa things to be concern about laa. nowadays, budak bijak genius kalah einstein, thomas edison blabla punya la ramai. tuih. therefore, persaingan sangat laa sengit. yeaaap ! i admit competition sbenarnya bagus but then if it comes to my future, i think.. there no such thing kau nak bajet2 tak nak apply program yg cikai-cikai sebab tak ada persaingan whatsoever. ohhh derr, please la.. rebut je peluang yg ada unless dah mmg confirm the program doesn't suit you at all. hmmm. 

you know what ? spm tak start pun lagi, but most of us da start apply sana sini, program fast track, scholarship sana sini, tunggu panggilan interview blablabla.. soo, you can see how the future is going to be. i bet you know. everyone was really struggling on their future. but then, USAHA + DOA + TAWAKAL :))

btw, im just graduate from the MRSM system. ahamdullilah, i managed to be in the list. even thought, these last two years were just hard and pain, i managed to do that, alhamdullillah :') Allah permudahkan segala yang aku rasa susah mula-mula dulu. and again, alhamdullillah, i managed to receive an award :


alhamdullillah,alhamdullillah.. Allah choose me to receive this :') im so happy plus very excited, hehe :) thank you so much to all my friends, parent, teachers, and all for your support and dua'. if there is no support from all of you, myb i won't be in the list. Alhamdullilllah, i was so blessed with this :')  hmm, i thought i want to include some of the picture during that day but then the quality of those photo were not so good. i dont know why.. the photos were so blurr. pffffft =,=' macam tak best la letak gambar kat blog besaq-besaq tapi nmapak gigi ngan putih mata je. tuih. myb i will upload the photos kat fb je. hahaa. depends on my mood. toing ! pemalas. haisshh, nak buat macam mana aku mmg malas dengan bnda2 IT ni. kahkah :D

okay, next week there will be our ANNUAL DINNER. howw, excited. but, i dont prepare for anythings yet. haaaahaa. 

hmmm, okay la till we meet again in another entry. 0.0 zzzzZZZZZZzzz
bye !

nonsense, bhahaha

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