Friday, 19 October 2012


Assalamualaikum and hye uoulsss :)

hai ! maybe this entry would be another quick post that i can write in this little precious time that i have. hopefully, everything will went well.. insyaallah :)

my lil sis had just finished her PMR examination. woow ! im sure it was a big relief for her, hehe :)
both of my lil brother also had just finished sit for their big examination. alhamdulllillah.. i pray to Allah, they will succeed in their examination. i know they can do much better than i am :')

jangan lupa doakan kakak kau ni jugak taww :)

btw, this time im really busy with the preparation for SPM. lots of handout, test, exercises and hayyy hectic schedule for sure =,= and another important day before SPM is our graduation day ! winkwink :) excited but anxious. huahuaaaa !! 
pray for me , baibai !

haha, malas nak rotate gambar !
location : sanctuary resort cherating

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