Friday, 24 August 2012

tears of success :')


cuti raya tinggal beberapa hari je lagi. lepas ni dah kena balik maktab semula.. lalui hari-hari sebagai pelajar dengan tabah :') lately.. my life is getting miserable. i never thought that spm year will be this hard and pain. hahahaa, maybe i'm the one who feel like this.. i dont know.. sometimes, i feel so envy with my friends, they can easily get success in the exam, test and so on.. but, i have to work more than i use too. i always cry. sometimes i cant manage my stress and depressed. i feel so weak and useless. yesss, i admit, it was a thought of mine. thats why i feel down :'(  when my result when down, i dont know whether i should cry or not. maybe this time i should cry because i dont want to cry when the actual result of spm come out next year.

i always heard a phrase said that " everything happen for a reason " and of course i shall believe this. Allah is the best planner ever :) and something good will come after. i know its hurt and hard. so, i have to put more effort on that. Straight A+ in spm, its need sacrifices ! not a lil bit, but as much as i can. insyaallah it will be paid off ! whatever is it, i have to be strong :) even i have been facing so many problem lately, thats not reason to be weak and to cry. 

insyaallah, i will succeed :) 

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